Inbound Call Center Services by Westshore BPO

We efficiently and effectively stick to our SLA to our clientsin regard to , inbound call center services .We act as a contact center to full fledge call center to our partners across the globe. We have world class infrastructure, latest technology and instrumentation and above all a team of skilled professionals.Westshore BPO is one of the highly skilled tele-calling professionals where we can scale operations based on the client request at a moment notice. westshore BPO inbound call center services offer solutions for mid size companies, large corporations and even self-employed professionals. With our virtual assistants and tele-calling teams, we can cater to the challenging needs of any projects, whether for customer support, technical helpdesk or easy tasks such as order taking and invoice management. .

  • E Virtual Inbound Call Center Services
  • Customer Support
  • Up-selling & Cross-selling
  • Order taking
  • Sales Lead Qualification
  • Phone answering
  • Customer Retention
  • E-mail & Chat support