Westshore BPO is focussed to provide business risk mitigation ,cost advantage ,utilization improvement and superior competency to its clients.With offices run in bangalore with clients served from North america,canada and australia . We take advantage of the timing and provide 24/7 service .Our geographic location and investor friendly tax structure has helped us to provide value to our clients.

Services offered by Westshore BPO

  • 1. Customer Support Service: 24/7 in bound/ outbound call center service that take care of clients queries and concern through Phone ,email and live chat.
  • 2.Technical Support Service:Interacting with customers in installation ,product serice,trouble shottingand resolution.
  • 3.Telemarketing Services:interacting with potential customers ,generation intrest.
  • 4.Insurence Processing:Claim processing,policy maintenance and policy management.
  • 5.Data entry and data Processing:data entry from paperworksyellow pages.Data converionof raw data.
  • 6.Form processing services: Online form processing payroll ,medical billing
  • 7. online research :internet search, product research survey marketing .